Sofie Verkouille

Nationality: Belgian

Date of Birth: 8th September 1990

What is your most memorable moment in your sports?

In 2011 I did a longboard trip with my husband from Barcelona to Lloret De Mar and back to Barcelona. We longboarded 150 km in total in 3 weeks with each a backpack of 13 kg’s. It was an awesome adventure, met a lot of nice longboarding people. I will never forget it.

Favourite conditions?

For surfing I like clean waves max. 1,5 meter high with a small off shore wind. For longboarding I like smooth asphalt, it don’t like downhill so I prefer rather flat. My favourite is flat sticky asphalt next to the beach so I can check the surfers and waves as well.

Favourite toys?

I learned longboarding with a loaded Tantien which was perfect but …

What is your diet like?

I try to eat healthy but I love chocolate and other sweets. I’m lucky I can sport every day so I can eat what I want but not too much of course.

What things do you currently do in your training that are key to your success?

I try to longboard as much as possible but if there’s good surf I go surfing off course. Surfing helps me with my longboarding and also the other way around. We also practice other board sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding and now we just started slack lining. It helps me to keep my balance when I’m dancing on my longboard and to have a strong body. I also go running to train my lungs and heart rate, because otherwise you can’t longboard longer than 30 minutes.

Best advice anyone’s ever given you?

To try everything in your life what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Do you have a saying or motto you live life by?

Live, love, laugh.

What is your biggest challenge, and how do you manage it? (What do you find difficult and how do you fix it?)

I’m lucky that my husband pushes me to conquer my fears in trying new things. An example is dropping in in a mini ramp or pool.

What would be your ultimate achievement?

Inspiring people with our story and helping small kids how to ride a longboard so they can play outside like everyone used to.

Anything else you would like to share?

Longboarding and so many other sports bring people together, create moments of happiness and a good health. I can only say to respect your only body that you have and enjoy life the fulliest. If you succeeded, you will never regret anything in your life.