Boardmasters is just around the corner, so it’s about that time to start getting all of your gear ready. But before you start to think about how many crates of booze you can get away with taking, cast your eyes over the Urban Beach guide to essential festival wear for this summer, to get the most out of your Boardmasters experience!


1. See your favourite bands better with sunnies:


UB’s brand new range of men’s and women’s sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, and will make watching your fave acts a little less squinty if the sun happens to be high in the sky. Just remember to take them off and put them somewhere safe before you decide to head down the front; when you’re bouncing along to Chase and Status you don’t want them to end up going walkies!


2. Shorts are better than trousers for the arena.


Shorts are much better for festivals (even if it rains) as they won’t be soaking up water at the bottom (and mud is easier to clean off your legs than it is fabric). Also they’re a totally stylish way to beat the heat if the weather is scorching hot, just remember to bring sun cream.


3. Check your head! Wear a Hat:


A wide brim hat like the Womens Cowboy Hat is ideal because it pays to protect your head in scorching heat! You’re going to want to cover your scalp even if you happen to be blessed with wire thick tresses because sunstroke is not at all fun, and can bring your weekend to a premature conclusion!


4. A sturdy pack for an active weekend!


You can’t jump around properly to your favourite band when laden down with a jumper and your bottle of water tucked under your arm! Instead, a decent sized and hardy backpack is perfect for storing things like sun cream out of the way so you can get your hands up high, or repel fellow moshpit monkeys from clattering into you! A sturdy travel bag is an essential if you have a fair amount of gear.


5. Flannel & Denim shirts, not just cool in the 90's:


There’s a reason grunge musicians were renowned for their love of flannel and denim and it’s not a fashion thing at all (although they never go out of style)! They’re incredibly practical, not least because they’re hardwearing and warm; ideal for when the evening chill sets in. They’re also easy to tie around your waist or chuck in your backpack when the temperature soars.


6. Mens & Womens Hoodies: Hoodies! Yes you heard us right!


When the sun is scorching the mere thought of a heavyweight chunky garment like a hoodie is enough to make you sweat! However come the evening round the campsite you’re going to thank your lucky stars you thought ahead and packed these thick fleecy lined hoodies, as scorching day temperatures also usually mean chilly evenings.


7. Softshell Jackets ideal for coping with the great British Summer:

We are in Britain after all! Taking a waterproof that’s easily to carry in a bag is ideal. Our soft shells are not only great at repelling water in a downpour, but lightweight to carry and quick drying too! It has the added advantage of taking up very little room in your bag when folded away.




Wet and muddy clothes get other clothes wet and muddy! If it lashes it down and you get caught out in it, then having a place to store your wet gear until you can dry it properly is a very good idea. UB Drysacks offer a fantastic solution to this problem as they have a rubber lining that prevents leakage; you can also use them to keep dry gear safe from downpours as their waterproofing works both ways! Much better than sleeping in a muddy, wet sleeping bag (a pretty horrendous experience, take it from us!)


9. Walk this way in style!

Consider a lighter weight and breathable canvas shoe for wandering down to Fistral to check out the day’s events, as thick boots and baking heat might swelter your feet! Flip Flops for chilling out in the campsite are a nice way to give your feet a rest after a long day of walking, but don’t wear them into the Watergate Bay arena! Getting your toes crushed when the circle pit inevitably kicks up during the Dead Kennedys’ set is not going to be fun! Oh and then there’s the joys of FESTIVAL TOILETS to contend with too!


10. Beach Towels serve more than one purpose!


A beach towel is great for soaking up rays on the sand down at Fistral in between heats. However they can also be handy for drying off after a rain shower, so having one in your festival inventory is particularly useful.


Now you have your festival wardrobe sorted (not forgetting to pack a couple of tees) you’re good to go, well sort of, you still need a tent, and camping gear… and food… and booze…


Stay tuned to the UB blog to find out our top festival survival tips so you can pack light and party like its 1999 all over again!