Greg McEntee is one guy who truly understands the full force of gravity. This adrenaline junkie is Urban Beach’s very own BASE jumper, who recently embarked on an adventure to a destination where jumping off things is an everyday occurrence - Switzerland!



In case you haven’t heard about Greg, as well as being a pretty radical BASE jumper, Greg also coaches skydiving and competes around the world, as well as being a wicked wingsuiter and speedflyer! 


We wanted to hear exactly what impressive things Greg got up to on his recent trip…


Greg and the team arrived in Switzerland at lunchtime and by 2pm they were already making tracks on search for the jump exit point. Despite the unforgiving weather, this didn’t put them off and they managed to squeeze in jumps every day.



Total Miles Travelled:1650 Miles
Countries Travelled Through: 5
Days Base Jumping: 8
Number of Cliffs Jumped: 6
Number of Base Jumps: 27
Number of Paraglider Wingsuit Jumps: 3
Number of Speedfly Lauches: 8


The route to Switzerland.


Greg and the team on the cliff top.


When we caught up with Greg, he explained how he met and jumped with loads of new people from all over the world, it’s people like Greg that made this world we live in even more exciting! Urban Beach is all about embracing life and the experiences it throws us; we are inspired by a passion for adventure, the outdoor elements and adventure culture and we are very proud to have Greg McEntee representing and showcasing all of this in our Men’s clothing range


Stay awesome Greg!

Urban Beach HQ