Hi Extended Family.. many of whom I have yet to meet :) 

So firstly I am beyond excited to be joining the Urban Beach and Osprey team! :) 

The past few months have been great... Boardmasters 2016 was so much fun and getting to watch the sister (Tehillah McGuinness) compete is always a feeling of pride!

I have just begun my amazing adventure of mermaid training in the form of a Marine Biology Degree. It's been so surreal actually arriving at University as I have always wanted to study this, I have such a huge love for animals and nature!  

We did our first field trip to Lulworth Cove... it was pouring with rain and I couldn't feel my fingers but we got to measure a load of cuteys hiding under the rocks and in the water. 

I can't believe that the year is almost over but the plans for 2017 are very exciting so watch this space :) 

I am currently working on my netball skills so I can join the University team and next I am joining my sister Tehillah McGuinness to play alongside her in the sun on her surf and fitness weeks, I can't wait to get back onto the waves. 

With the cold months the daily yoga videos I receive from my island sister are very appreciated... believe me it works for any issue.. so does chocolate.. chocolate helps too.

- Natasha McGuinness