Summer is almost here! I'm so excited as that means long sunny days, blue seas to surf in and contests like Boardmasters come to town.

All Spring I've been taking advantage of the free time I have by surfing every day and skating when it is dry too. I've got Osprey longboards and using them in the flat spells we get every now and then really helps keep me in practice for back on the surf.

The English Nationals has just been run in early May and kicked off the contest season at Perranporth in Cornwall. On day 1 the surf was fun, 2-3ft clean waves in the sunshine. It was great to surf in these conditions at Perranporth as the lower tide makes punchy peaks, fast and fun.

The second day came and the surf was a solid 6ft, which picks up a heap of power at Perranporth since its so exposed.   I actually prefer this for a contest as one of the main reasons I do them is to challenge myself.  I had a few different rounds to surf this day so was prepared for a lot of paddling.

I ended my womens rounds in the quarters surfing against one of our current top surfers, Peony, who is surfing in the WQS at the moment.

And for seniors, my semi final heat was out in some low tide dumpy chunky waves. A bit of a freak wave pushed me right down to the sand and snapped my leash, leaving me without a board to finish my heat. Thankfully at the end of the heat Tehillah floated around out back with me waiting for a jetski back in as I was making no ground trying to swim back in through the hectic currents.

All in all I was glad to have the experience and will be investing in lots of new strong leashes! The other ladies competing rescued my surfboard on the beach and I got out safely to support the rest of the surfers in their finals.

I am now looking forward to the next contests which are the Surfaced Pro and the Night Surf which are both this month.