In order to make sure you are using a dry bag properly there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure that its contents stay completely dry.
1. Once you have packed your bag, you must try and squeeze any excess air out of the bag so that you can roll it down as far as you need to.
2. Next, pull the two buckles apart so the stiffened bar at the top of the bag becomes taut.
3. Now roll the stiffened bar down for a minimum of three rolls. Make sure each time you roll the bag it remains tight.
4. Securing your bag. There are two ways in which you can secure the rolls, depending on which bag you have. a. If you have a 5L or 30L bag you need to attach the buckles to each other at the top of the bag b. If you have a 20L bag you need to pull the buckled corners at the top of each side of the bag downwards towards their adjacent buckle at the bottom of the bag on either side.
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